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Before inserting a Single Product into a Post or Page you must Setup a Single Product

Inserting a Product

To Insert a Single Product, go to edit the Post or Page you’d like to use.

On the editor click to where you’d like the Product to be inserted.

Then select ‘Insert Single Product’ from the menu bar (as shown).

If this icon is not visible, make sure you have ‘Visual’ selected at the top right of the editor.

A popup wizard will then be shown, you will be prompted to select which product you’d like to insert.

Once selected, some additional options will appear, you can choose whether or not to show the product image, price and title along with its alignment.

You can also customize the Call to Action and whether it’ll go to Amazon in a new tab.

Once you’re set your settings clicking ‘Insert Product’ will add the shortcode to your editor (as shown below)

You can then Publish/Update the post and the product will be visible!

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