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Fresh Bundle Master Pro allows you to maximize your commissions from Amazon by adding local variants for your products and bundle.

As Amazon Affiliate Tags are different for each Amazon Locale (US, UK, Canada etc) you must setup a tag for each locale you wish to promote.

Once you have additional tags setup, you can tell Fresh Bundle Master which ones to use for each locale.

Setting up additional Amazon Tags

From the Bundle Master menu, select ‘Manage Tags’.

This will display the Affiliate Tags screen.

To add a new tag:

  1. Use the Dropdown to select which locale you want to add
  2. Enter the associated tag in the field
  3. Select ‘Add’

The added tag should show in the below table.

From this table you can also delete tags that are no longer needed.

What next?

Now that you have setup your affiliate tags for the locales you want to use, that tag will automatically be used for users browsing from that country.

Click here for information on setting up Localized Bundles

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