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Fresh Bundle Master Pro adds the ability to show Bundles related to specific keyword within your content.

Up to 3 Instances of the keyword within a post or page will be replaced by links which show a tooltip-style popup of a related bundle.

For example if you had an article reviewing the Kindle Fire, instances of ‘Kindle Fire’ would show a popup of your Kindle-related bundle.

These keywords we refer to as ‘Money Words’.

Setting up a Money Word

Under the Bundle Master menu, select ‘Money Words’.

The Money Word Manager will display, this will give you a list of all the Money Words currently setup.

The panel on the right allows you to add a new Money Word.

  1. Enter the keyword you would like to become your Money Word.
  2. Enter a title for the tooltip popup.
  3. Enter your ‘Call to Action’ text for the Buy Button.
  4. Select which Bundle you’d like to link to the keyword.
  5. Select which product you’d like to use from the Bundle as the main image.
  6. Select ‘Add Money Word’.

Now you should be able to go to any page which uses this keyword and see your Money Word popup.

Please note: if the article is heavily saturated with the keyword, only up to 3 random instances will be converted to Money Words.

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