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Fresh Bundle Master offers a very quick way to setup bundles for those struggling for inspiration or wanting to setup quick bundles for testing.

Using a single keyword, Quick Bundle Maker will find a random product result related to that keyword, and use Amazon’s ‘Related Products’ information to create a bundle associated with that product.

Due to the randomness of this, the results cannot be guaranteed. However you can search again with one click and product a different random bundle.

How to use Quick Bundle Creator

  1. From the Bundle Master menu, select ‘Quick Bundle Creator’.
  2. Enter your keyword in the field provided
  3. Using the dropdown, select the maximum number of products for your bundle
  4. Click ‘Generate Bundle’
  5. If the results aren’t what you want, try again!

When you save a Quick Bundle, you will be redirected to the Bundle Manager page where you can review all your Bundles, your Bundle will be titled using the keyword used (ie kindle_001).

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