The Bundle Manager screen will allow you to edit all of your saved bundles. You can change items in a bundle, see how often you have used the bundle on your site, or delete bundles.

Reviewing the Saved Bundle

The Bundle Manager screen will show you all your bundles

The table gives you the following information on each of your saved bundles:

  • Bundle Name – you can rename this
  • Bundle ID – used in the shortcode to display on pages/posts
  • Uses – the number of times the bundle has been added to pages/posts
  • Total – the total amount of the Bundle
  • Any additional info about the bundle

Clicking on any of the Bundles will give you more informations about each bundle including the full product listing.

Here you can delete the bundle, or if you’re using the Pro version, you can delete a specific locale for your bundle. Please use caution, as these cannot be recovered once deleted.

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