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As of Fresh Bundle Master v2, you can setup and embed Single Products in your posts.

These products can be localized to show an appropriate product for each Amazon locale you’re targetting. You should always setup a product for your default locale (ie – USA) and the other are entirely optional.

If you choose to setup products for other locales, please make sure you’ve added the appropriate Amazon tracking tags.

To Setup a Single Product

From the Bundle Master menu, select ‘Single Product Creator’.

The screen shown will allow you to create a new Product, or edit an existing one.

Select ‘Begin New Single Product’.

You will be presented with a screen allowing you to select products for each locale.

In the top box, you are able to select the product for your Primary locale.

Select ‘Add Product’

Using the Search Box, find and select your product (you can Search by Keyword or Product ASIN)

Once you’ve selected the primary product, you can use the other buttons to add products to each of the locales.

Once you’ve selected your products, give your Product a name for your reference later and select ‘Save Single Product’

Once this has been saved, you can Insert a Product into a Post or Page

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