New Features in Version 7

Integrated Pinterest Posting

Choose the best images of your products and Post them directly to Pinterest! The new feature allows creating board, posting pins or even scheduling pins to post throughout the day.

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Improved Support for Rich Pins

Mark of your store has been updated to provide all the details Pinterest needs to display your products, prices, discounts and stock availability right on Pinterest.

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10 Second Stores

Get to a live store faster using 10 Second Stores, these are bundles of pre-built, designed and researched niche stores ready to install with the click of the button.

Instant Add to Cart

Your favourite template Fluid has seen a huge upgrade with version 7, products can now be added to cart without page a reload and your cart will be updated instantly. This speeds up the entire cart process and increases conversions.

Background Images

Fluid now comes with 20 built-in background images to add flair to your site, along with the ability to upload your own.

Other Changes, Updates and Considerations

Pinterest Posting App requires SSL (ie. https://) – this is enforced by Pinterest. You can migrate your store to SSL easily using the in-build functions. Read More

Brazil is now available as a locale. However since all Amazon Brazil’s products are digital there is no Add to Cart functionality. If you are using please use Amazon Links.

AJAX Cart is designed for speedy browsers and will default to the ‘old’ functionality on older versions of IE.

Fresh Store Builder works on PHP versions 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x. and 5.6.x

Please note that we discontinued support for PHP version 5.2 in Version 5.

If you do not know what version of PHP you are running please ask your web host. We do not anticipate any problems here as version 5.2 has been out of use for a number of years.

As with all increments of Fresh Store Builder, we’ve done a lot of work on optimising load times, minimising API throttling and general user experience fixes. More details of these can be found in the changelog:

Miscellaneous Fixes/Improvements

#1507 - Fixed Issues with displaying Product Variations on Stores
#1504 - Fixed Issue with Background not displaying on some Tablets.
#1501 - Fixed Issue with Sales Report not showing in Dashboard.
#1500 - Fixed Issue with Upgrading Templates
#1474 - Improved logic to display 'from' prices.
#1467 - Fixed Issue with products importing images in an illogical order.
#1465 - Fixed Issue with Page Names not showing when rearranging sideboxes.
#1472 - Fixed typo with German language search button text for all templates.
#1459 - Fixed Issue with Bundles showing no product image.
#1447 - Fixed Issue with Default Product Image not resizing in store front end.
#1446 - Fixed Issues with incorrect search indexes.
#1433 - Fixed Issues with Cookie Consent notice.
#1432 - Added Brazil as a locale.
#1428 - Improved recognition of visitor's geo-location.
#1425 - Added ability to 'Force Run' background tasks.
#1420 - Improved handling of XSS attacks.
#1418 - Fixed Issue with exporting Newsletter Subscribers.
#1410 - Remove redundant options from View All Products Page.
#1407 - Fixed problems with 'Approve/Disapprove' dropdown in Manage Customer Review Page.
#1406 - Fixed errors when editing a Customer Review without adding an image.
#1402 - Optimised loading speed of Tags Page.
#1399 - Fixed SQL error when deleting products from Product Edit page.
#1382 - Updated ionCube message to add additional clarity.
#1087 - Improvements to minimise API throttling on Updating Product Offers.
#820 - Updated Parameters description to make more clear.
#818 - Updated Parameters description to make more clear.
#817 - Updated Parameters description to make more clear.
#438 - Fixed Issue where colour could not be restored to default values in Visual Editor.

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