#745 – Random Products are now on homepage in all templates. Go to template options to be able to select products, change the name (aka Featured Products) or hide altogether.

 #745 – Added Random Products on homepage for all templates, and added the ability to choose these products and change name.

 #753 – Fixed issue with embedding multiple products table in content pages
 #758 – Fixed Sitemap XML empty bug
 #683 – Fixed strict standards notice when filtering products by product name
 #766 – Cookie was not set for certain TLDs (e.g. .org.uk)
 #755 – Change quick setup to spin rewriter instead of best spinner
 #833 – https causing problems with some features in the admin area
 #499 – Optimize related products SQL
 #762 – Persistent cart was preventing the last product from being removed from the cart
 #768 – Force refresh of all templates on install/upgrade
 #769 – Prices not showing correctly on product review page
 #765 – Fix support for Amazon India (prices and products now pulling from Amazon.in)


 #000 – Fix an issue with variation products showing


 #000 – Removed dependency on PHP 5.3
 #000 – Manufacturer image not showing
 #000 – Removed double slash (//) in the install redirect
 #000 – Removed ‘test’ output on options form results
 #000 – Automatically set correct permissions for install/upgrade files (prevent redirect loop)
 #000 – Stop caching install redirect (finally!)
 #000 – Fixed bugs in showing manufacturer images etc.
 #000 – Cache is now cleard on template or skin upgrade
 #000 – Fixed issue with special language characters in edit product page
 #000 – Upgrade now fixes the .htaccess for subdirectories
 #746 – Issue with product reviews not updating and not showing
 #000 – Fixed bug with spin rewriter code not being included and preventing product updates
 #000 – Base will now upgrade with any template upgrade, if needed
 #747 – Fix issue with “Content Language” parameter
 #748 – IP country table not populating
 #000 – Fix the issue with nocache changing basket sidebox title
 #000 – “forum” spelling mistake in country redirect
 #000 – Removed the debug code from the CSV output


 #664 – Footer text/link generation has changed. Any custom links may be removed. Please check your stores footer after upgrade to make sure it is as you expect.
 #676 – New store parameter to choose where the Continue Shopping button links to. Please go to Tools => Change Parameters => Cart & Checkout and set your continue shopping button link.
 #565 – Sideboxes are now customized per template. To get the default setup for your template, use the new “Content => Reset Template Sideboxes” in your admin area.
 #690 – We have now changed product updating to after the product info page load to increase speed. You can change this to to before the page load via a new parameter.
 #690 – We have added a “Price Last Updated” message if your prices are older than 1 hour. This is to comply with Amazon TOS, but can be turned off (or set to always on) via a new parameter.
 #690 – New parameters added for the default number of products that will update at a time from the background updater.
 #665 – Advanced users: We have added the ability to run the autorun tasks (update products, autopopulate etc.) via a cron job. Please see https://helpdesk.freshstorebuilder.com/staff/Knowledgebase/ViewKnowledgebase/Article/245/33
 #668 – The new API documentation can be found at http://www.freshstorebuilder.com/go/api-documentation
 #698 – A new parameter has been added to allow logging of Amazon requests and Throttling messages (under “Reporting”). This parameter will automatically turn off after 3 days, as recording requests/errors is resource intensive and may cause speed issues, and issues with your web host. Use this option to debug problems only.
 #505 – The persistent shopping cart can be enabled via parameters under “Store Settings”. Use at your own risk as it could be in breach of Amazon TOS.
 #620 – A new parameter has been added to limit the number of additional product images shown on detail pages (under “Products”), in order to deal with niches where too many additional images exist. Change this as needed for your store, default is 5 images
 #682 – We have integrated Spin Rewriter and have kept the current integration for The Best Spinner. If you wish to keep using The Best Spinner you can find the settings page linked to from the Spin Rewriter settings page.
 #565 – The new sidebox functionality means your sidebox sort order and enabled sideboxes may change. Please check them after install

 This is only for those who have created templates and need guidance on updating the templates for this version:

 #321 – Split the meta information in the layout head section to separate files for easier customization
 #351 – Added Auto Populate Existing parameter to allow adding to multiple categories
 #366 – Added Custom CSS field in Store Parameters
 #427 – Added label to first row in Manufacturers list in freshadmin
 #488 – Renamed “No Skin” to “Default Skin” in template options
 #496 – New parameter for number of product images to show
 #565 – Allow editing and sorting of the default sideboxes (categories, manufacturers etc.)
 #565 – Allow customization of template sideboxes
 #565 – Allow resetting the template sideboxes to default
 #568 – Force Dimension option added to template images
 #580 – Related products now uses products from the same category, if needed
 #610 – Added Pagination for all manufacturers page (including sort sort options)
 #644 – Added Amazon Tag to be available in templates as {$store.amazontrackingid}
 #662 – Updated template microdata markup to support new Pinterest product type pins
 #664 – Added ability to specify footer “powered by fsb” link, text for affiliate links and made the link no-follow
 #676 – Added Continue Shopping button to Flexi, Smooth, Evolution & Impact templates & skins
 #691 – Added Pagination for all tags page (including sort options)
 #700 – Added Custom Header Scripts and Custom Footer Scripts fields to Store Parameters
 #690 – Product updating moved to the background to massively increase page speed (can be reverted to the old functionality via parameter)
 #690 – Parameters added for Amazon TOS recommended message for old prices.
 #690 – Parameters added for the quantity of products to update each time the background updater runs
 #690 – Optimized background product updating
 #690 – Significantly reduced API calls when updating a product (from 5+ per product, to 1 or 2 depending on product type)
 #684 – Adding a child product will now automatically add the parent and all other variations
 #665 – Added a file that can be used to trigger the autorun via cron
 #668 – Added an API for accessing the data in your store programatically
 #693 – Added new FSB logos
 #698 – Cut down on database inserts by limiting Amazon query logging to 3 days
 #505 – More persistent shopping cart
 #667 – Added error catching to the “Generate All Content” function. Decreased number of products processed per pass for better feedback and less chance of time outs.
 #500 – Rewritten template admin section so that updating is only done when necessary. Massive speed increase in this area. Also added a “Refresh Options” function to force refresh all templates.
 #499 – Database and code optimizations. Reduced page generation times to average 0.5 seconds without cache and 0.05 to 0.1 seconds with cache.
 #620 – Added parameter to limit the number of additional product images on detail pages
 #362 – Added a parameter for the cache duration (default is 3 hours)
 #497 – Added a “Reset Template” option to reset all CSS, Options and/or Images to the default
 #666 – Rewrote the “Delete Products” code in the admin area to be much quicker and less resource intensive
 #646 – Added parameter for User Agent when making remote requests (i.e. communicating with Amazon and doing the background update). Some web hosts block requests without a valid user agent.
 #626 – Added a queue for adding products by ASIN. Will add products slowly in the background over time and includes parameters for qty of products and randomizing.
 #509 – Added ability to hide a category from the front end
 #678 – Added support for Amazon.in (India). Affiliate program is not yet active but FSB is now ready for when it is.
 #724 – Cookies can now be accessed across different subdomains (for WP plugin)
 #677 – Template Licensing now implemented
 #677 – Automatic template updating now implemented
 #449 – Refresh search indexes for all Amazon locales
 #727 – Added parameter to show/hide child product images for variation products
 #730 – Added parameters for tweaking Amazon API throttling, retries, throttling detection etc.
 #504 – Added sort options for attributes (global and category wide)
 #504 – Added parameter to change position of manufacturer and price filter options, and to switch off
 #707 – Added parameter for image quality for when images are resized
 #682 – Added integration for Spin Rewriter. This includes automatic Amazon Content spinning plus automatic creation of content templates.
 #738 – More advanced file and folder permission settings. Now only sets the minimum permission required. Now auto creates files if they don’t exist.
 #677 – Add the ability to set a skin as “Included in Template” and for a template or skin to be “Not Listed in Fresh Web Market”. (for updating and licensing)
 #383 – It is now possible to link directly to a price filter e.g. www.store.com/monkeys?filterprice=1000|2000 will show monkeys priced between $10 and $20

 #553 – Fixed missing trailing slash on individual manufacturer pages
 #540 – Fixed missing alt tag on Amazon logo and Secure Shopping images
 #563 – Fixed validation issues in */elements/sidebox/filters.tpl
 #609 – Fixed loading bar display when selecting product options
 #621 – Fixed attribute with 0 in the name not being used in content templates (e.g. Actor0)
 #622 – Fixed use of getManufacturerExtended() causing speed issues on edit product page
 #625 – Fixed Impact template spacing of Amazon button on product listings
 #627 – Fixed pagination buttons to be above secondary description
 #629 – Fix strict standards error in library/misc.php
 #631 – Fixed searchbox placeholder text for new vendor prefix on newer browsers
 #632 – Fixed searchbox input focus css for Safari and Chrome browsers
 #633 – Fixed pinterest button in all templates on product detail pages to use new API code
 #638 – Fixed all templates so that product tags are hidden if the Disable Tags Globally parameter is set to on
 #648 – Fixed bug for stores in subdomain not using checkout explain page
 #649 – Fixed facebook like button position after api code changes in all templates
 #650 – Fixed html sidebox to not display header or icon if title is blank
 #653 – Fixed pinterest button in all templates on bundle detail pages to use new API code
 #655 – Fixed bug in Evolution template with bundle images in product listings
 #669 – Fixed bug with page title text colors in Impact Technology Skin
 #686 – Fixed product listing layout in Evolution and Smooth templates for consistent height
 #692 – Fixed Contempo middle banners not opening in new window
 #699 – Fixed Disable Tags Globally not hiding tags on product detail pages
 #708 – Fixed output of main and secondary text on Search pages
 #712 – Fixed bug in Serenity with options positioning on product detail pages
 #714 – Fixed bug in Contempo with images on product slider getting cut off at bottom
 #716 – Fixed bug in templates when html sidebox has no title
 #718 – Fixed bug in Serenity with visual editor for filter buttons
 #690 – It is no longer possible to edit content for variations of a product
 #658 – Fixed inconsistent use of content templates
 #658 – Stopped adding manufacturer description to secondary description
 #637 – Fixed SQL error when sorting by title on search results
 #637 – Removed Customer Review sort option from all product lists (data no longer available)
 #656 – Variation products now show the offer availability information when selecting an option
 #547 – Add ability to enable/disable tags on product info page and/or all products page (batch via tag list or via edit tag)
 #543 – Fixed the tag parameter so only tags with X products will now display on your store
 #647 – Correct handling of deleted pages, products, categories etc. in template options
 #628 – Code error in install scripts
 #594 – Prevent pages readding on upgrade
 #414 – Fix the cached redirect after install/upgrade
 #706 – Fix // in URLs on autopopulate and 404 page
 #709 – Prevent performing a product operation (hide, disable, remove from category) via the autopopulate results from populating again
 #654 – Add bundle page not showing TinyMCE Editor on features
 #694 – Remove locale specific text from default pages (i.e. references to Amazon.co.uk). Applies to new store installs only.
 #443 – Clean up cache files that have expired every 25 hours, to save on space. Obeys the new “cache file expiry” parameter.
 #707 – Fixed images being resized/resampled when uploaded and set to not resized
 #740 – Fix incorrect permission errors showing.
 #703 – Do not advance page on autopopulate if there is a communication error
 Small code errors in amazon.php
 Hide strict errors in phpThumb
 Fixed issue with demo mode and template
 Fixed issue with login redirect
 Changed error reporting settings to one file
 Demo mode implemented for theme developers
 Fixed display issue with the category list in the admin area (to do with category groups and child categories)

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