#840 – Fixed Same Product on Related Products bug
 #900 – Fixed current categories not being highlighted during product queue runs
 #860 – Updated Super Saver Delivery minimum to new $35 price threshold.
 #841 – Fixed Amazon AWS errors
 #884 – Fixed Products picking up wrong manufacturer
 #894 – Fixed Product Queue Run flow for stores on subdomains
 #889 – Fixed Autorun not working in Quick Setup
 #846 – Fixed Search Error when Selecting Filtering Options
 #881 – Fixed Spanish accented characters getting removed From Meta-keywords
 #857 – Updated FSB Logo on Upgrade Screen
 #888 – Fixed error when deleting content pages used in navigation menus
 #839 – Fixed Product Categories in Content Template Bug
 #873 – Update getCategoryCustom() to return correct data
 #837 – Fixed Add Products by ASIN issues (not setting a category and not displaying)
 #838 – Fixed issue with certain products showing old price the same as new price
 #839 – Fixed using ProductCategories in spinning templates
 #842 – Fixed issue with page layout on Flexi Template with product embeds
 #843 – Stopped a background process triggering on every page load
 #844 – Fixed issues with no follow and setting Amazon logo properties in sidebox and checkout pages
 #847 – Fixed bug on offerless products page in admin where page reload went to different page.
 #858 – Fixed bug with sideboxes displaying on custom pages
 #882 – Fixed sidebox page links ignoring no follow when set
 #901 – Fixed cookie (i.e. cart) issues with .me.uk domains
 #000 – Fixed issue with display of Dashboard information in Firefox.
 #000 – Altered amazonrequests table to not truncate the URL
 #000 – Found and fixed serious performance issue with updating large variations
 #861 – Five separate fixes have been made for spontaneous orphan products
 #906 – Fixed strange ????, “eval()”, “Fatal error: Function name must be a string” etc. errors on category page 2 for some hosts
 #843 – Removed the increase in script timeout for autorun (performance)
 #846 – Remove bundles from the search when filters are applied (except price)

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