New Features added in version 5.0

Fluid Template – Modern Responsive Design

Fluid has been crafted for a clean, modern and professional look. This template is fully responsive which means it will show perfectly on mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to reach a bigger audience of customers. All the new features of v5 have been implemented – User Reviews, Widgetized Homepage, etc. – and we’ve made sure to include mobile-friendly social sharing, streamlined checkout and more.

Read full details here

Choose Related Products

You can now choose to either let the “Related Products” section of your product detail pages show products automatically, or you can manually select the exact products to display – giving you complete control over this area for upselling accessories, other products, etc.

When you look at your Edit screen for each product, you will now see a “Related Products” tab. On this tab you can select the checkbox that says “Use manually selected related products?” to turn on this new feature, and then use the search to manually select the products. You will need to do this separately for every product you wish to use this feature for. If the “Use manually selected related products?” is NOT checked, it will default to displaying products automatically as before.

Depending on the template you are using, the title of this section on your product details page can be changed in your template options. For instance, in the new Fluid template you would use the “Related Products Title” option to change this text.

Widgetized Homepage

As of version 5.0, we now have implemented a Widgetized Homepage into all templates. Existing templates released prior to FSB version 5.0 have this featured turned off by default, and you can choose to enable the Widget Homepage by going to your Template Options => Choose Standard or Widgetized Homepage. The new Fluid template, and all new templates, automatically support the Widgetized Homepage and there is no option to turn it on.

Please read the full instructions on setting up the widgets for the homepage and descriptions of the various widgets available for more information.

Read full instructions here

Customer Reviews

As of version 5.0, we have implemented a Customer Reviews feature into all templates. This is in addition to the Amazon Reviews, and we have provided template options to choose whether to show both User & Amazon reviews, only User Reviews or only Amazon reviews. We have also implemented a star rating system for the User Reviews, provided for review moderation, and setup rich snippets microdata markup on the reviews for enhanced SEO.

Read full instructions here

Facebook Store

New to version 5.0 is the implementation of Facebook Stores, which are linked to your FSB store. Click here for an example store

In order to use this feature, you will need to be running your Fresh Store Builder site securely with SSL, as this is a requirement imposed by Facebook.


Read full instructions here

Facebook Post Scheduler

Also new to version 5.0 is the ability to post your products to Facebook.

Read full instructions here

Facebook Share Default Image

We have added a template option to uploade a default sharing image for Facebook. For Product detail pages, when a visitor goes to share the page on Facebook it will automatically pull the product image. On all other pages, facebook does not always find an image to use in the post, or it uses an image you might not want. In these cases, the Facebook Share Default Image can be used instead. This image would also be used if someone just pasted in a link to your homepage, for example, on their facebook status.

To set this, you would go to Template => Template Options => Images and upload the image you want to use. Facebook recommends an image that is at least 600px wide by 300px high, so that the image will be a large image in the timline.

Facebook caches the images from your site for 24 hours, so you will not immediately see this change. Once the facebook cache of your server has updated, then the new image you uploaded will be used.

Other Changes, Updates & Considerations

PHP Versions Supported

We have updated Fresh Store Builder to run on PHP versions 5.3.x, 5.4.x and 5.5.x.

Please note that we have discontinued support for PHP version 5.2.

If you do not know what version of PHP you are running please ask your web host. We do not anticipate any problems here as version 5.2 has been out of use for a number of years.

Ability to Disable Content Templates

We now have the option to disable content templates. If you are upgrading your store, content templates will remain enabled. If you haven’t edited the default templates we strongly recommend you disable them. Content templates will be automatically disabled on new store installs.

These Content Templates are the ones used to spin content, e.g (the “we are please to present ….”). To Enable / Disable them, go to Spinning => View Templates. Click the icon to edit the template and you will see a checkbox labeled “Content Template Enabled”.

Site Not Live Page

We have added this as a page available in the Content => View Pages so that you can now add your own Main & Secondary Text, translate text, etc.

Amazon Compliance Disclosure

In order to be fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) and to provide the appropriate disclosures, we have added 2 messages and parameters in your store so you can choose to show or hide these messages.

First, we have added the Affiliate Disclosure message in the Footer the templates. This will be enabled by default, and you can choose to Show / Hide by going to Tools => Change Parameters => Store Settings and changing the “Show Amazon Associate Disclosure in Footer?” option. The text is as follows, and the site name will changed based on your store’s locale: (e.g.,, etc.), however the, Inc will always stay as because there is only one global corporation (, Inc):

“FSB Dev Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.”

Next, we have added the required disclaimer about Content Availability. This displays on the product detail pages, and depending on your template will either display in a popup box, or a toggle box. This will be enabled by default, and you can choose to Show / Hide by going to Tools => Change Parameters => Products and change the “Show Amazon Content Disclosure?” option. We have added a “more info” link next to the new Product Information box, and it displays this text:


Bundles including Products with Variations

We have enhanced the way that adding a Bundle to the cart works, in order to deal with bundles where one or more of the products has variations (e.g. different color or size options). If the bundle includes a product that the user needs to pick an option for, it will now display a popup box and walk the user through selecting the options before adding all the products to the cart. This has been implemented into all existing templates as well as new v5 templates.

If the user is on the Bundle Detail page, and there are products with options, then the button will change from “Add to Cart” and will display “Select Options & Order”. If the user is on a category page and clicks the Add to Cart on the same bundle, it goes immediately into the options select popup box.

SSL Compatibility and Setup

We have implemented full SSL compatibility for version 5, and have been able to get the Amazon images to be served securely along with other content. We have also added an easy migration tool if you have a normal site (http) and need to change to SSL (https). This tool can be accessed by going to Tools => Migrate to https://

Click on the “Update Database References” link, and it will go through the various database tables and make sure any images or other settings are migrated to use https urls.

Sidebar Headings

As of 5.0.2, we have updated the sidebar headings (e.g. the sideboxes such as Brands, Page Links, etc.). To change the text of Category sidexboxes (e.g. Browse Categories), go to Categories => View Category Groups and change the name of the group. For all other sideboxes, the heading will be whatever text you have entered as the Sidebox title.

Version 5.0 Full Changelog



Please see the knowledgebase article for full details on the items below:

#711 – We now have improved flow for adding Bundles that include products with variations.
 #939 – We now have the option to disable content templates.
 #764 – We have implemented the new Widgetized Homepage in templates.
 #983 – We have implemented the new User Reviews feature in templates.
 #956 – Facebook Post Scheduler requires the user to setup a Facebook App details
 #957 – Facebook Store in Page Tab requires SSL – this is enforced by Facebook
 #874 – We have implemented additional disclosures for Amazon TOS compliance
 #919 – We have discontinued support for PHP 5.2 and below.
 #902 – We now have full support for SSL (i.e. https://). Use the tool in your admin area to migrate from http to https

And we have included a new Mobile-ready / Full Responsive Template == Fluid

Please see the knowledgebase article for full details on the items below:


#957 – Added Facebook Page Store Feature
 #956 – Added Semi-Automatic Posting to Facebook Pages
 #940 – Added Notification to Users if Amazon Keys are not correct
 #764 – Added Widgetized Homepage feature
 #508 – Added manual selection of related products
 #983 – Added User Reviews feature
 #750 – Automatically redirect to the upgrade script when db upgrade changes are needed
 #711 – Improved flow of Adding Bundles to Cart
 #869 – Improvements to the locale handling
 #874 – Added additional Amazon TOS Compliance notices
 #964 – Prevent the Facebook Store being indexed by search engines
 #989 – Improved the automatic related products on bundles
 #902 – Added auto migration tool for changing http:// to https://
 #1011 – Make fluid the default template on new installs
 #657 – Added a secondary description field to the manufacturers page
 #000 – Add in associate with amazon logos for India
 #849 – Added trimming and cleaning of Amazon keys when copied and pasted
 #945 – Added the ability to sort template options, and sorted them in templates for more logical order of options
 #939 – Content templates are disabled by default, and you have the option to enable/disable
 #933 – Buy now links are now generated “on the fly”, instead of using a cached one from the database
 #932 – Your store will now show an “unlicensed” message in the admin area, if it is not licensed
 #919 – Now compatible with PHP 5.5
 #918 – Clearer wording on the sideboxes options (limit to pages)


#852 – Removed excessive script and database timeout times on background scripts
 #873 – Speed optimizations to the category list functions
 #873 – Additions to front end caching


#1006- Fixed Bug with related products pulling child products
 #979 – Fixed Bug where bestsellers page would crash if no products added to store
 #936 – Fixed Bug preventing internal linking in some cases
 #924 – Fixed Special Offer RSS feed to match products on Special Offers Page
 #927 – Fixed Bug preventing sub category listings from showing the custom category image as the thumbnail
 #963 – Fixed infinite loop in badly formatted content templates
 #962 – Removed the partially implemented “Product Phrase Filter” feature which may have been causing confusion over product title inaccuracies
 #962 – Show manufacturers without products in the admin area so they can be edited/deleted
 #837 – Fixes and final tweaks to the “Orphans Bug” hotfix
 #711 – Fixed multiple issues with bundles
 #811 – Remove // from images set by the template
 #887 – Display messages/errors from the API even when AMAZON_RECORD_API_REQUESTS is set to off
 #935 – Fixed template screenshot images not showing for some stores
 #953 – Change the China currency symbol to Yen from Euro
 #954 – Fixed Chinese characters not displaying properly on meta tags
 #1007 – Fixed broken link in the widgets section
 #339 – Fixed links to the forum inside admin area
 #000 – Added support for domain names in cookies
 #000 – Fixed issue in manually updating an expired product
 #803 – Fixed ability to sort when sidebox title is blank
 #845 – Fixed bug with showing “remove” link on country redirect, in Chrome]
 #934 – Fixed Add to Cart bug with
 #943 – Fixed link to template developer document from the admin area
 #941 – Fixed edit in place bug with Firefox
 #937 – Fixed broken link to “tools” in the admin area
 #911 – Fixed display issue of messages in chrome
 #909 – Old variations were not being deleted when updating
 #995 – Fixed IE9 display issue with bundles
 #992 – Fixed product slider not loading consistently
 #000 – Fixed bug with redirecting to admin on upgrade
 #982 – Fixed search form on fluid
 #981 – Fixed bug with submitting the same email to the newsletter
 #979 – Fixed an empty store showing php errors
 #973 – Added “from” pricng logic to bundles
 #972 – Fixed “add to cart” for bundles in category listings
 #971 – Fixed bundles having expired variations in add to cart process
 #961 – Now shows manufacturers with no products in the admin area list
 #958 – Fixed smarty warnings from checkout_explain
 #948 – Fixed product image not showing for products in admin area, when store in a subfolder

Version 5.0.1 Full Changelog



#1034 – Fixed breadcrumb to read the homepage linktitle as set by user.
 #1028 – Fixed Bug with deleted products breaking product embeds.
 #1025 – Fixed Bug with Bundles not showing in site search.
 #1024 – Improved searching for products with Facebook Auto Post feature.
 #1023 – Improved labelling of Facebook Auto Posting options.
 #1019 – Filtered unwanted items from navigation menu options.
 #0000 – Fix for some templates not upgrading.

Template Updates Changelog

(Fluid, Flexi Store, Smooth Store, Evolution, Contempo, Impact & Serenity)

– Fixed bug – bundles with custom images not displaying properly on search pages
 – Changed Review submission form to not clear all fields when captcha enter incorrectly
 – Added Facebook Share Default Image to Template Options

Version 5.0.2 Full Changelog



#1039 – Added extra parameters to define when to Post to Facebook. (Parameters > Facebook)


#1055 – Fixed problem Categories not showing images if items only bundles.
 #1053 – Fixed problem with setting items for fb store.
 #1052 – Fixed problems when double quotes are used in product or category titles.
 #1048 – Fixed problems with editing Manufacturer’ Description from front end.
 #1042 – Fixes for displaying Forum Thread titles in Dashboard.
 #973 – Fixed variations modal to work on All Bundles page.
 #931 – Fixed sideboxes to display heading from the sidebox title (except category groups).
 #913 – Fixed bug with sidebar custom links not opening in new window when new window box checked.


#1051 – Any variation of FreshAdmin/freshadmin/Freshadmin now redirects correctly.
 #1047 – From this version /wp-admin now redirects to /freshadmin. (can be turned of in Parameters > Admin Settings)
 #938 – Sidebox headings are now displayed with their titles as entered on the sidebox screen. Any translations may need to be re-entered there.
 #928 – New Content Pages are now shown on your Sitemap by default.

Version 5.0.3 Full Changelog



#1066 – Fixed issues with Sitemaps when low number of products.
 #1064 – Fixed Bug with Posting to Facebook from Multiple Apps
 #1063 – Fixed multiple minor php errors.
 #1062 – Fixed Facebook not obtaining long-lived tokens for future posting.
 #1061 – Fixed multiple spelling errors throughout FreshAdmin.
 #1060 – Fixed 1-click install templates not initialising.
 #1059 – Fixed problem where users could break store by deleting all category groups.
 #1057 – Set ‘Display Products without Offers’ to ‘On’ in fresh installs.

Version 5.0.4 Full Changelog


#1078 – Fixed Bug with apostrophes in Item Attributes.
 #1077 – Fixed Bug where Facebook Posts all posted at once.
 #1075 – Updated Fancybox in FreshAdmin which was causing issues on some sites.
 #1074 – Improved error reporting for new versions of php.
 #1063 – Fixed various minor php notices.
 #1036 – Fixed problems with editing Key Features Description from front end.
 #920 – Improved handling of issues with phpThumb on some hosts.

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