Please see the knowledgebase article for full details on the items below:

#711 – We now have improved flow for adding Bundles that include products with variations.
 #939 – We now have the option to disable content templates.
 #764 – We have implemented the new Widgetized Homepage in templates.
 #983 – We have implemented the new User Reviews feature in templates.
 #956 – Facebook Post Scheduler requires the user to setup a Facebook App details
 #957 – Facebook Store in Page Tab requires SSL – this is enforced by Facebook
 #874 – We have implemented additional disclosures for Amazon TOS compliance
 #919 – We have discontinued support for PHP 5.2 and below.
 #902 – We now have full support for SSL (i.e. https://). Use the tool in your admin area to migrate from http to https

And we have included a new Mobile-ready / Full Responsive Template == Fluid

Please see the knowledgebase article for full details on the items below:


#957 – Added Facebook Page Store Feature
 #956 – Added Semi-Automatic Posting to Facebook Pages
 #940 – Added Notification to Users if Amazon Keys are not correct
 #764 – Added Widgetized Homepage feature
 #508 – Added manual selection of related products
 #983 – Added User Reviews feature
 #750 – Automatically redirect to the upgrade script when db upgrade changes are needed
 #711 – Improved flow of Adding Bundles to Cart
 #869 – Improvements to the locale handling
 #874 – Added additional Amazon TOS Compliance notices
 #964 – Prevent the Facebook Store being indexed by search engines
 #989 – Improved the automatic related products on bundles
 #902 – Added auto migration tool for changing http:// to https://
 #1011 – Make fluid the default template on new installs
 #657 – Added a secondary description field to the manufacturers page
 #000 – Add in associate with amazon logos for India
 #849 – Added trimming and cleaning of Amazon keys when copied and pasted
 #945 – Added the ability to sort template options, and sorted them in templates for more logical order of options
 #939 – Content templates are disabled by default, and you have the option to enable/disable
 #933 – Buy now links are now generated “on the fly”, instead of using a cached one from the database
 #932 – Your store will now show an “unlicensed” message in the admin area, if it is not licensed
 #919 – Now compatible with PHP 5.5
 #918 – Clearer wording on the sideboxes options (limit to pages)


#852 – Removed excessive script and database timeout times on background scripts
 #873 – Speed optimizations to the category list functions
 #873 – Additions to front end caching


#1006- Fixed Bug with related products pulling child products
 #979 – Fixed Bug where bestsellers page would crash if no products added to store
 #936 – Fixed Bug preventing internal linking in some cases
 #924 – Fixed Special Offer RSS feed to match products on Special Offers Page
 #927 – Fixed Bug preventing sub category listings from showing the custom category image as the thumbnail
 #963 – Fixed infinite loop in badly formatted content templates
 #962 – Removed the partially implemented “Product Phrase Filter” feature which may have been causing confusion over product title inaccuracies
 #962 – Show manufacturers without products in the admin area so they can be edited/deleted
 #837 – Fixes and final tweaks to the “Orphans Bug” hotfix
 #711 – Fixed multiple issues with bundles
 #811 – Remove // from images set by the template
 #887 – Display messages/errors from the API even when AMAZON_RECORD_API_REQUESTS is set to off
 #935 – Fixed template screenshot images not showing for some stores
 #953 – Change the China currency symbol to Yen from Euro
 #954 – Fixed Chinese characters not displaying properly on meta tags
 #1007 – Fixed broken link in the widgets section
 #339 – Fixed links to the forum inside admin area
 #000 – Added support for .co.in domain names in cookies
 #000 – Fixed issue in manually updating an expired product
 #803 – Fixed ability to sort when sidebox title is blank
 #845 – Fixed bug with showing “remove” link on country redirect, in Chrome]
 #934 – Fixed Add to Cart bug with amazon.in
 #943 – Fixed link to template developer document from the admin area
 #941 – Fixed edit in place bug with Firefox
 #937 – Fixed broken link to “tools” in the admin area
 #911 – Fixed display issue of messages in chrome
 #909 – Old variations were not being deleted when updating
 #995 – Fixed IE9 display issue with bundles
 #992 – Fixed product slider not loading consistently
 #000 – Fixed bug with redirecting to admin on upgrade
 #982 – Fixed search form on fluid
 #981 – Fixed bug with submitting the same email to the newsletter
 #979 – Fixed an empty store showing php errors
 #973 – Added “from” pricng logic to bundles
 #972 – Fixed “add to cart” for bundles in category listings
 #971 – Fixed bundles having expired variations in add to cart process
 #961 – Now shows manufacturers with no products in the admin area list
 #958 – Fixed smarty warnings from checkout_explain
 #948 – Fixed product image not showing for products in admin area, when store in a subfolder

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