#1034 – Fixed breadcrumb to read the homepage linktitle as set by user.
 #1028 – Fixed Bug with deleted products breaking product embeds.
 #1025 – Fixed Bug with Bundles not showing in site search.
 #1024 – Improved searching for products with Facebook Auto Post feature.
 #1023 – Improved labelling of Facebook Auto Posting options.
 #1019 – Filtered unwanted items from navigation menu options.
 #0000 – Fix for some templates not upgrading.

Template Updates Changelog

(Fluid, Flexi Store, Smooth Store, Evolution, Contempo, Impact & Serenity)

– Fixed bug – bundles with custom images not displaying properly on search pages
 – Changed Review submission form to not clear all fields when captcha enter incorrectly
 – Added Facebook Share Default Image to Template Options

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