#1039 – Added extra parameters to define when to Post to Facebook. (Parameters > Facebook)


#1055 – Fixed problem Categories not showing images if items only bundles.
 #1053 – Fixed problem with setting items for fb store.
 #1052 – Fixed problems when double quotes are used in product or category titles.
 #1048 – Fixed problems with editing Manufacturer’ Description from front end.
 #1042 – Fixes for displaying Forum Thread titles in Dashboard.
 #973 – Fixed variations modal to work on All Bundles page.
 #931 – Fixed sideboxes to display heading from the sidebox title (except category groups).
 #913 – Fixed bug with sidebar custom links not opening in new window when new window box checked.


#1051 – Any variation of FreshAdmin/freshadmin/Freshadmin now redirects correctly.
 #1047 – From this version /wp-admin now redirects to /freshadmin. (can be turned of in Parameters > Admin Settings)
 #938 – Sidebox headings are now displayed with their titles as entered on the sidebox screen. Any translations may need to be re-entered there.
 #928 – New Content Pages are now shown on your Sitemap by default.

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