This guide will show you how to edit the translations for your amazon locale. For example if you are using, you will be able to change the German text to something unique or make any changes you want to the default translations.

Step 1. You will need to login to your hosting accounts file manager or if you want to use FTP, the steps are all the same. You just need to connect to your server and go to your FSB files directory for your domain. Then click to go into the “Templates” folder.

Step 2. Before you edit the templatetext.php file for the current template you are using, you will need to go thru the “Base” template folders. It’s a good idea to go thru these 2 template folders first to see what translations are in the base theme. Once you are done with these, then you can repeat the same step for your template folder.

Step 3. Every template folder will have a “languages” folder with a “templatetext.php file in each amazon locale folder.

Step 4. You will see the current amazon locales with translation options inside the “languages” folder. Click to go into the one you want to edit the translations.

Step 5. Right click on “templatetext.php file and click “edit”.

Step 6. This guide shows me editing the translations for the locale. You can change any of the translated words, once you are done, make sure to click to Save.

This templatetext.php file is from the “Base” template folder. If you don’t see the translation you are looking for here. Make sure to also check in the directory /templates/your_theme_folder/languages/ folder.

Step 7. Once you have gone thru the “Base” and your current live template templatetext.php file. You will need to login to your Freshadmin panel and run the “Refresh Options” feature before your new text will be shown on the store.

Step 8. Click on “Force Refresh All Templates”. This option will refresh all the template options, images, language etc. Your current settings will not be overwritten.”


Step 9. The last step is to to delete your stores cache and you should be all set.

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