This new feature is great for customers who are using one of our NON-Mobile themes from If you are using the FLUID theme then there is no need for you to enable this feature. If you enable this feature under your Template Options for any of our non-mobile themes, it will auto detect when a customer visits your website from a mobile device and it will display our Fluid Black and White theme. There are no customization options for the mobile version at this time.

This example will show how your website will look on mobile devices if you are using the non-mobile theme Flexistore for your website. The website below is using the free theme that comes with fresh store builder called FlexiStore. This is NON-Mobile theme but with the new feature in V7, you will be able to display the Fluid Black&White theme when they visit your website on a mobile device.

Step 1. If you want to enable this feature, please login to your freshadmin control panel and click on Templates – Template Options link.

Step 2. Then click on the Template Options tab and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the “Use Fluid Classic on Mobile Devices” parameter and click to edit it.

Step 3. Select Yes for the template option and click save.

Step 4. Delete your stores cache and you should be all set.

Below is an example how your website should look when someone visits it on a mobile device when you are not using a mobile ready theme. The current mobile theme is only set to the black and white skin theme, there are no customization options for it at this time.

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