The old account area has been merged into Fresh Store Instant to make it easier for us to manage everything from one control panel.

If you purchased Fresh Store Builder in the past, you get free upgrades for life and you can always download the newest version for free.

Your new URL to login for Fresh Store Instant or Your Fresh Store Builder package is

To download the script which you will install on your own hosting server or if you own our packages. 

You must login to and then click on SELF HOSTED tab

Once you login, the account area will look the same as it did in FreshStoreBuilder but just a few changes. The main account area will display only active Fresh Store Instant packages.

So if you don't own a Fresh Store Instant package, below where it says YOUR STORES: and STORES REMAINING, it will say No Active Stores and 0. (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO A FRESH STORE INSTANT PACKAGE)

To view your licensed stores, you need to click on the left, SELF HOSTED STORES and then click on MY STORES to license a new domain or click GET LATEST VERSION to download the newest Fresh Store Builder script which you will need to manually install.

Click - Guide Fresh Store Builder script requirements. 

Click - Guide on installing Fresh Store Builder. (FSB)

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