With the Fresh Store Builder script you can choose the main product image, disable the product images you don’t want and upload a new product image. In this guide you will learn how to upload custom images to your store products.

STEP 1: You will choose the product you want and select the Edit icon which is located at the top of the page.

STEP 2: Next you will select the Product Images tab, which is located in the left sidebar.

STEP 3: At the top of the Product Images page, you will see an option in GREEN that says Upload Custom Image. 

STEP 4: Once you click on the option Upload Custom Image a new box will open where you will upload your custom product image. Click o the Browse to search for your saved image.

You can get the new custom images from Amazon or upload your own personal image of the product. I found a new image on Amazon and saved it.

STEP 5: Once you’ve uploaded the image click the SAVE IMAGE located at the bottom of the new box window. This will add the new image at the bottom of the page. You can now enable your new custom image and make it your Default Image.

STEP 6:  View the product on the front-end of your store to make sure that your custom image is visible.

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