For example; if you have a USA based store, you can use this feature to redirect UK visitors to a different store, website or straight to (with your amazon tag).

Once it is set up, your visitor will see a message and a link at the top of the screen which will redirect them to the site for their country.

To set up country redirect, perform the following steps.

Log into your store and click tools – change parameters, then select Country Redirect from the menu on the left. Then ensure that “Country Redirect Enabled” is set to on and click “Save All”

Click on tools – country redirect

Select the country you wish to target from the drop down list. I have chosen United States (my website is based on so any US customers will see the redirect option)

In the Enter the name of the store/website box, type the name of where you are redirecting your customers to.

In the “Enter the Url to redirect to” box paste the URL you would want to redirect users to. I am redirecting US users to the Board Games section on

Once you have entered all the details, click “Save Redirect”.

You now have a redirect set up.

You can test the redirect by either setting up a proxy server on your browser, or creating a redirect for your own country.

When you visit your site, it should show the different redirects that are available.

You can remove the country redirect by clicking the “Remove” link next to the relevant redirect on the right hand side.


Q. How often does the user see the redirect?
 A. You can change the settings in the screen in step 1 when enabling country redirect – the default is 86400 seconds (24 hours)

Q. Can I have more than one redirect?
 A. Yes, you can have 1 redirect for each country listed in the country drop down on the screen above.

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