This article goes over the Fresh Store Builder Checkouts and Reports Section. Fresh Store Builder has no way to confirm if a customer actually purchased a item or if a customer had confirmed the items on their amazon cart. 

So the reports shown below will not be 100% accurate. They can be affected by bots or people just testing your website and not actually looking to buy.

 The best place to see actual clicks and checkouts will be in your Amazon Affiliate Account.  If you click on the REPORTS tab, or this link will take you directly there if you are logged into your amazon affiliate account.

From here you can split the reports from your different amazon tracking ids. We recommend a unique amazon tracking id for each store you run so you can get better reports. This is where you will see accurate reporting for your store for amazon clicks or checkouts.

NOTE 1: If you are buying from your own website, the reports will not show it and amazon will not credit you for the sale. Amazon doesn't allow you to buy from your own store, they can close your account down.

Note 2: You can easily test the store to make sure its using your amazon tracking id. If you do a checkout, as soon as you get to amazons website. Check the URL and you will find your amazon tracking id on amazons website. At this point FSB has done its job and sent over your amazon tracking id. 

The same goes for the "Buy At Amazon Buttons", if you click them and go to the product page on amazons website, it will have your tracking id.

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