Here are some short videos for different features in your Fresh Store Instant Panel.

  1. Migrating FSB Store to FSI
  2. Adding Sub-Domains or Sub-Folders to FSI Hosted Domains
  3. Adding New Domains
  4. Adding New Users
  5. Home Page Widgets 
  6. Testing Amazon Keys
  7. Uploading Images to Content/Category Pages 
  8. Change Store URL
  9. Deleting FSI Store 
  10. FSI - Sub-Domain with (+A Name Record) (Main Domain Hosted with Third Party Hosting and Not with Fresh Store Instant)
  11. Creating Blank FSI Store
  12. Creating a 10 Second Niche Store 
  13. Creating New Amazon Tracking IDs
  14. Order Unique Articles for FSI 
  15. How to Verify Your Store with Google Webmaster or Any Other Website using META HTML Tag Option

If you would like to see a video on something you are stuck with, please let us know and we will do our best.

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