This post will go over the new Ajax Cart feature added in Fresh Store Builder V7.

Javascript has been updated on the product pages so that product and bundles can be added to the cart without requiring a page reload. The User will see a popup at the bottom when successfully added. The ‘count’ in the mini cart in the header is automatically updated upon success.

This feature currently only works in the FLUID theme that comes free with fresh store builder.

Your store must be licensed for the Ajax Cart Feature to work. If your store is not licensed then it will not work.

When you are using the FLUID theme, customers will be able to add the item to their cart without the page refreshing. The Mini Cart (Yellow Arrow) will update. If they click multiple times on the same item then it will increase the quantity. Any location you see the Add to Cart (Green Arrow) your customers will be able to add the product into their cart without the page refreshing. The (Red Arrow) is the item I will be showing in this example.

I will be adding the product “Kansas City Steaks 8 (10oz.) Boneless” into my cart directly from the home page without the page refreshing. You will see the “mini cart” update the quantity and you will also get a confirmation message that the product has been added to your cart.

You can click on the “mini cart” to confirm that the correct product has been added to your shopping cart.

Here is another example how the feature works on your category pages. Clicking the add to cart button for the “Kansas City Steaks 6 (6oz.) Filet Mignon”. You can see the quantity changed to two and I got the confirmation message that the product has been added to my cart.

Confirmation that the product has been added into the cart.

If your products have variations such as size or color or any other option, the Add to Cart button will take the customer to the product page for them to select their options and then they will be able to add it to the cart. The item below shows how it works with products that have variations.

The customer will need to select the options from the drop down. Then they will see the add to cart button and be able to click it to add their product to their cart.

You can see below that the “mini cart” has updated to 3 quantities now, which is the 3 steaks added during this guide on the Ajax Fluid Theme ONLY feature.

If you would like to disable the AJAX Cart Feature then you just will need to change one parameter setting. You will need to login to your freshadmin control panel and click on Templates – Template Options

Then you need to click on the “Template Options” tab and scroll all the way to the bottom.

You will need to click to edit the “Use the Javascript Cart” feature and then you will have the option to Enable or Disable it, click save and you are done.

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