Through trial and error over the years I have nailed down a little process for finding and researching a good Amazon niche and building a site around it. This guide covers the first steps of this process – finding some potential niches.

Find some products

The first step is always just looking and finding a product niche you want to promote. You can get ideas from many places:

  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • Amazon Associates Emails (go to your settings in your associates account and sign up for the newsletters, they tell you about special offers etc. very useful!)
  • Randomly Browse Amazon (this has been successful for me many times!)
  • Current trends (new products launched, newspaper articles, what are people talking about?)
  • Your own interests (look at your hobbies, your possessions)

Try to find a specific niche e.g. “Tool Boxes” as apposed to a wide niche e.g. “Tools”.

There really is no rules to this – just get as many ideas as you can and write them all down somewhere. Now move on to the next step.

Check quality of Amazon products

There is no point in going any further if the products on Amazon are not good enough. Firstly make sure there are enough products to create a decent size store from (some niches may only have a handful of products however, and this is fine). Make sure at least some of products have reviews, a few sellers and preferably sold by Amazon themselves. You don’t want to build your site and then find that the products are discontinued

Also consider the price of the products and how likely people are to buy. An LCD television is expensive and will give you a lot of commission, but the conversions will be lower. Impulse purchases (DVDs, Books, Gadgets etc.) will have a higher conversion but lower commissions. Consider also the 24 hour cookie and how much research people need to do to make a purchase.

For Amazon UK sites there is a 7 cap on commission for any single item, meaning that the ideal price for products you promote is about 100 (depending on how many products you sell in a month, as the commission rate increases). Therefore, don’t promote expensive products in the UK as a rule.

Now you have a list of rough niches and products you want to promote, move on to the next guide and do some keyword research.

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