I recently started using Clickly.com to track my websites traffic and to see what people are doing and where they are going. It gave me details on how long each visitor was on my website, what links they went to and really easy to follow charts.

Below shows how quickly you can create your account and add the tracking code to your FSI (FSB) store and also your wordpress blogs.

 Visit Clicky.com to get your account created, they give you a free trial to test all the features and then you can switch to the free plan or pick one of the paid plans which really gives you a lot of great information.

Once you create your account, you will be given a tracking code you will need to insert into your FSI (FSB) store or wordpress blog.
The images below show you where to insert the code provided by clicky. In your store control panel, go to Tools - Change Parameters - Custom CSS & Scripts 

Once you have added the code, you will need to delete the stores cache. You can do that by clicking Tools - Delete Cache

If you have a wordpress blog installed. You just need to install the wordpress plugin Clicky, search for it under Plugins - Add New

Once installed, you just need to add your API keys and you are set.

You can find the API keys in your clicky account by clicking on Preferences when logged in,

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