This guide is a quick overview of what a niche is and how it relates to your Amazon Store.

What is the big deal with niches anyway?

When we talk about niches with regards to websites and internet marketing, it seems to take on a slightly different meaning.

We typically say niche to describe the general topic your website is working within, and typically it is used to describe a small area that does not have much competition. A website focused on dog treadmills would be in a niche (providing it does not have a lot of competition) due to the relatively small target audience.

How does this relate to your store?

Typically when starting a Fresh Store Builder site you should look for a niche in order to get quicker results and more success (there are exceptions, see below). This is because you have less competition in the search engines and you will be satisfying a demand that perhaps has not been properly satisfied before.

The exceptions to this rule would be if you want to add a shop to an existing popular site or if you are happy to be more patient and build a store in a wider area (for example Treadmills).

So in conclusion, we are looking for a focused area in which to start our site. Read on through our guides to find out how to pick a successful niche.

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