We offer 100% free support to all of our members for all of our products and services. We are a small company and can’t afford to have a huge staff to help everyone one on one. Follow these simple steps to make sure your issues are resolved quickly, without any delays or frustrations.

The number one delay for the ticket system is users submitting multiple tickets for the same issue.

The second delay is when users create a new ticket to reply to an existing ticket. This causes a huge delay because now the service tech has to go thru all your tickets to find out where that information belongs.

Steps to a Quick Reply from the Support Team

Go to https://helpdesk.freshstorebuilder.com/Tickets/Submit and submit a ticket. Please pick the best cartegory that your problem falls into.

Please make sure to login to the ticket system using the same user/pass you use for FreshStoreBuilder.com. This will make it easier for us to track down your account if we need more information.

If you are having any kind of technical issue please make sure to provide the following information,

Your Domain:

Cpanel or FTP login:

Freshadmin User/pass :

If you don’t provide the information above then there is really little we can do to help with the issue. Each website is different depending on the hosting server. We automatically have to reply to a ticket asking for the login information if you don’t provide it with your initial ticket submission.

This can create a lot of delays when we have to go back and forth to get all the information. If you provide full information when you first submit the ticket then our team can look into your issue right away, instead of asking for more information. The tech can’t sit and wait for your reply. They have to move on to the next ticket to help the next person in line and then make their way back to the tickets requiring more information.

Thank you for understanding and please if you are having any issues with your store or just need some advice submit a ticket at https://helpdesk.freshstorebuilder.com and one of our team members will help you out.

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