It’s very important that you add your domain to your account before installing your store and adding products. If you build the store without activating your license then your script won’t be using your amazon tracking ID. You will also want to check your amazon tracking ID under Tags,Keys&Code parameter.

Step 1. Login to your store FreshAdmin control panel and click on “Tools” – “Change Parameters.

Step 2. Then click on the “Tags,Keys&Code” option.

Step 3. Confirm that your “Amazon Tag” parameter is set to the correct amazon tracking id.

Step 4. I recommend doing a test checkout to see if your amazon tracking id is being used.

Step 5. When you are redirected to the amazon confirm page in the URL you should see your tracking ID.

If you don’t see the amazon tracking id you set in the “Tags,Keys&Code” parameter then you need to follow these steps.

  • First make sure you added your domain under your store list on
  • In the FreshAdmin panel click on “Tools” – “Delete Cache”, clear the stores cache.
  • Then go back to the “Tags,Keys&Code” parameter, change the “Amazon Tag” to any text and save the page.
  • Now go back to the same parameter and add your tracking id.
  • Once you save go clear the stores cache one more time and now you should see your amazon tracking ID being used when you do a test checkout.

Additional Troubleshooting

Please check the following if you are still experiencing problems:

  • If you are running a store in a subdomain (e.g. or a subfolder ( please add both the complete URL and the main website URL
  • Please do not add http:// or https:// when entering your URL
  • Please do not add a trailing slash (i.e. /) to your URL
  • Please clear your store cache and wait 3 hours after making changes
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