We take a look at what makes Fresh Store Builder and other websites work, including a brief overview of the technology behind websites.

How Does a Website Work?

Websites are powered by a series of files, images and video. These files are uploaded to your hosting account in order to make your website work.

The files contain code that give instructions on how the website should look and how it behaves. Simple websites will have only a few files containing a mixture of the text you see on the site, HTML code and CSS code. HTML and CSS code controls how the text images are displayed on the site, for example the text color.

More advanced websites, like Fresh Store Builder stores, also have programming code that enables the site to have more features. In our case, that is the ability to link with Amazon and the ability to control everything via the admin area. Mainly PHP code is used to achieve this with a bit of help from Javascript code.

A lot of advanced websites need to store information such as products, information on visitors to the site, articles, users etc. To store this information the website needs a database. In the majority of websites, including Fresh Store Builder, a MySQL database is used. In order to add, edit and delete from the database the website uses SQL code.

Why Do I Need to Know This?

You don’t, but it is useful to understand how a website works. Over time you will find that you become more familiar with HTML and CSS code, enough so that you can start to change your websites yourself.

This also helps with understanding problems, installing websites and deciding on how to advance your websites.

How Can I Find Out More?

Take a look at our Members Only section of the guides for more information on how to build and edit websites.

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