In this video we share strategies on researching an Amazon niche for focusing on a single product. This video focuses on using the Conversion Pro template, but can be applied to other websites that focus on a single product. Please see the Video Notes at the end of this page for notes on concepts Carey talks about.

Video Notes

– Guidelines for single product niches
 – Above $20, preferably above $50
 – Higher the price, less products need to be shifted
 – Choose Niche leaders
 – Exciting products
 – Innovative products
 – Products with good videos
 – Products with good strong images

– Bad Niches
 – “General” type products
 – Accessories
 – Normal groceries
 – Baby nappies
 – Phone chargers
 – Boring products
 – Pack of printer paper
 – Scientific equipment
 – Products with a lot of alternatives (that they want to browse)
 – Tablets
 – Furniture
 – Clothing
 – Musical instruments

– Amazon Best Sellers:
 – Click on “Hot New Releases”, “Movers & Shakers” etc.

– Researching Niches
 – Google suggest
 – Google keyword tool – Amazon suggest

– Domain names
 – subdomains of generic domains

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