The Fresh Bundle Master plugin makes it easy for you to take control of translating and localizing the text displayed in your bundles, without the need for complicated file editing or other plugins. The titles of the products and their variations come directly from Amazon and cannot be changed – but all other text can be changed for translation purposes or simply to be more accessible to your visitors.

Translation Options

In your wp-admin, select ‘Translation Options’ from the Bundle Master menu.

Here you’ll see all the common text shared by bundles and products, all of which are available for translation or simply editing to match the feel of your site.

Simply enter your desired text in the boxes provided and click the save button located below.

The fields available are shown in the screenshot below:

Important: Localize Amazon Required Text

You can also localize the Amazon required text, such as the Amazon Compliance Text and the Amazon Pricing Policy. Please make sure you are familiar with our Amazon Terms of Service information before editing these values.

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