This feature is currently being redone with something new. For the meantime please see this guide on how you can use the FSB (FSI) RSS Feed to post your products to twitter, facebook and more social media account at once instead of a single social media account.

Click here to open the guide.

In order for your FSB Store to interact with Facebook you must register a ‘Facebook Application’ on the Facebook website. Once setup you’ll be given an App ID and Secret Key in order to connect your store to Facebook.

Registering as a Developer

  1. Go to
  2. Click Apps > Register as a Developer
  3. Read and Accept the Platform and Privacy Policy
  4. Enter phone number
  5. Receive + enter confirmation code
  6. Provide any details required by Facebook

Setting up your App

Go to 

Click on My Apps and click on “Add a New App”.

Use your FSB Store Name to track different Facebook Apps. You will need a new App for every website you want to use the FSB Post Scheduler on.

Once your new App is created, click on the “Settings” tab to set your FSB URL.

On the “Settings” page, click on “Add Platform”.

For the Facebook Post feature you will need to click on “Website” icon.

Very important to use the exact URL shown under “SITE URL” or the feature will not work. I would recommend you go to your Freshadmin – Tools – Change Parameters and click on Store Settings and copy the Site URL.

Paste the Site URL fro your freshadmin control panel under the “Website” tab below and make sure to click “Save Changes” and make sure you get the “Saved” confirmation text.

You will need to save the App ID and the App Secret key from the FB App you created. For the App Secret key, you will need to click the Show icon and confirm your password to see the App Secret.

Login to your Freshadmin control panel and click on Tools – Change Parameters and then the Facebook tab. Enter your App Id and Secret Key and click Save.

To test the connection between FSB and FB. click on Content and then on Post to Facebook.

Click on the “Log In” button, a new window will open and ask you to connect to your Facebook Account. It’s very important that you click to approve any window that comes up and not change any of the options. You will need to give full access to the App you created. You will be able to select any Facebook Page you manage to post your products on. (If you don’t see the “Log In” icon, check your browser zoom settings to make sure its not hiding it)

Once you have confirmed all the questions from Facebook. You will be logged in and see the “logout” icon. You will also see the Product Search Bar below, you will need to search a keyword or product name to post to Facebook.

Once you pick the product you want to post, you can change the caption and description of the product, then from the drop down you select any Facebook page you manage and it will post the product to that Facebook page.

You have the option to post the product right away or add it to the queue.

I just tested the “Post to Facebook” button and you can see below it was posted right away.

I’m going to add a few products to the queue now.

To check your Facebook Queue list, click on Content and then Facebook Queue.

This link should only be run once to test the Facebook connection. If you run

It should go to a white screen and at the same time it should have posted one of the items from the Facebook queue. Running this link multiple times will not work.

You can see below that one product has been posted from the Facebook queue.

You can see the item from the Facebook Queue has been posted to the Facebook page.

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