Fresh Store Builder has a built in system for running tasks in the background, which is called “autorun”. These tasks include the autopopulation of categories, updating of products, generating an XML sitemap, cleaning up the database, add product queue and more.

The autorun relies on visits to the store. If it is a new store and/or not yet live, the autorun tasks may not run consistenly. To combat this you can setup a cron job

Important this is not required and is an advanced topic. Getting this wrong could cause speed issues and issues with your web hosting that may affect other websites.

The file to run via your cron job is:

The exact cron command to use will depend on your preference and your web hosting setup. The following command should work in most cases, but please make sure you test:

wget ‘’

We recommend a maximum interval of every 10 minutes. The autorun will obey the individual task time interval settings e.g. the “Update Products” task will run every 30 minutes regardless of how often the cron runs.

You can see more details about the autoruns and the time intervals in your freshadmin area, under “Tools -> Check Autorun”

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